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Buy an Embrace CBD Gift Card!

Embrace CBD is a family owned and family focused company founded by a married couple with a passion for helping people. Who we are as individuals shape the way we do business. Here at Embrace CBD we have 5 core values that direct the way we operate.

#1 Families First

#2 People Over Profits

#3 Education Before Sales

#4 Quality Products Over Higher Profit Margins

#5 Truth Over Hype 

We exist to cut through the nonsense in the CBD Industry. There are a ton of companies who take advantage of an unregulated market to push fraudulent, mislabeled, and potentially harmful products to make a buck. 

We at Embrace CBD have partnered with the industry's top leaders in the fields of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, merchandising, consulting, and testing to bring validity and confidence to the retail CBD space.

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